Read It!"

Anthony Valentine,
Actor, UK

Gabriella is an uplifting adventure story with an important lesson to everyone about how love and courage can conquer all. Inspiring stuff...!" (please click to see the review)

Abi Gooderham
OK Magazine Book Review, UK

"Trust me I am a bookseller..." (please click to see the review)

Peter Snell,
Snell Book Review, UK

What an absolute joy it was to read this book! Gabriella is set in a different time and place andI found myself identifying and sympathizing with her whole heartedly through her journey. The sense of pace that Ms. Malloy has provided is emotionally generous and takes you on a journey of self discovery, where I found myself rooting for the main character with tears and laughter! She sets the story in an amazing backdrop that she so clearly describes I see it before me, andfeel like I am taking an unknown path to great adventures myself, both scary and beautiful at the same time.

To be able to relate to Gabriella, who, with so many obstacles to overcome, inspires me to put my own head up and face some of my own fears. How wonderful to see her embrace what is thrown at her and keep going. Meeting the next challenge and then the next. Her world is astounding in it's beauty and the depth of it's dangers, and I felt like I saw it all, experiencing a world so different than my own and yet so much the same! Cannot wait for Ms. Malloy's next book, I am totally hooked, this writer is enormously giftedand shares a spirit of a warmth and insight rarely seen on the pages of a book! Bravo!

Sue Brady
Creative Director
No Frills Theater Company, NYC. USA

Gabriella is fabulous tale of adventure, written by a master-storyteller! The descriptive passages rekindled the joy of reading Tolkien for the first time.

What I particularly enjoyed about this book is that from a very early stage, I developed an affinity towards the protagonist. I really yearned for Gabriella to find happiness, love, and for her to fulfill her destiny.

Rob Nolan
Managing Director
JRS Pharma Ltd, UK

A beautifully crafted tale of an incredible journey. Spiritually uplifting, with complex characters and a storyline that challenges the common stereotypes within today's society. The first novel from this promising writer is told in a warm and inviting style - perfect for those long winter evenings!

Helen Henley
Recruitment Manager
Huntress Group, UK

Gabriella is a "must read"! From beginning to end this author captivates the reader in one of the most creative and touching stories I've ever read. It is a real page-turner, an allegory that speaks to the heart. Malloy is a brilliant writer. Don't miss this one.

Susie Shew
Toledo, Ohio, USA

Gabriella is extraordinary. A story of a symbolic journey that takes the reader into places in their imagination that are deeply rich and thought provoking.

A wonderful, moving, magical tale of transformation. Gabriella travels through a vivid, rugged landscape full of fantastic encounters and obstacles. She faces terrible fears and doubts which she has to encompasses to discover her courage and determination to continue her amazing journey.

A book which will continue to nourish the reader's heart long after it is finished.

Sheilagh Jevons
Artist and Creative Practitioner
Illustrator of Gabriella's book cover

Gabriella, by Judy Malloy is a deeply moving and inspirational novel set in a mythical time yet touchingly pertinent to today's passions and wounds of the human condition. Judy's beautifully poetic style and the depth of her characters had me captivated from the start and gently held me as I accompanied Gabriella through the twists and turns of her epic journey.In my opinion, everyone needs to read this novel. Allow Gabriella to touch your heart andmarvelat her departing gift to you, the reader.

Mac Mahoney, UK

This mythical tale of Gabriella's journey of transformation reads like an exquisite novella. It is an urgent, timeless story in which Gabriella is cast aside by the mindless and cruel prejudice of the society into which she is born. In her isolation she experiences her connectedness with nature and Life itself, and thus finds safety and light in her own soul.

Judy Malloy's vivid prose brings to life the natural world to the extent that one feels, smells, hears and sees the magnificence of the landscape. We are there with Gabriella: protected, yet sometimes overwhelmed and terrified. Malloy's imagery is sumptuous and rich.

Gabriella is a powerful, often deeply moving, and ultimately, a totally uplifting read. The message is entirely contemporary. By reaching deeply into ourselves, we find the love and power to heal our frightened, ailing world.

Renée van der Vloodt
(psychotherapist and coach)
September 2007

Rich in imagery and tenderly written, Gabriella is an uplifting adventure story with an important lesson to us all about how love and courage can conquer all. Inspiring stuff.


This is a beautiful, spellbinding tale of inspiration and hope that captures you from the opening page. The reader is inexorably led to a land far, far away where purity and love are challenged by suspicion and fear.

The poetic flowing style makes the whole mythical experience even more emotive as we are confronted with our own choices and existence.

Gabriella has become a reference point for me. It is inspiring and a much-needed reminder that dreams are attainable and purity is a possibility. In our world of wars and cruelty, Gabriella's arduous and moving journey seems so remarkably poignant and special. It leaves you reeling with the fact we are not only alive, but that we are blessed. The metaphor of her unraveling is so poignant and so beautifully written. Only Judy Malloy can lead you along this path of humanity and spiritualism that leaves you so enthralled and moved.

Jacqueline Moulder, UK

Gabriella, a child born deformed and cast out by her community, takes us on a journey, a search, which it doesn't take long to recognise, as the journey we all take in the individual search for the wholeness within. The essence of it belies the belief of inequitable differences between the masculine and the feminine and the dominance of one or the other, and this is revealed through the development of all the characters; not just Gabriella, and in the unfolding of adventures along the path.

A delightful book, I found it at once engaging in its simplicity and innocence, as well as intriguing in the subtlety and complexity of the story which allows us to travel with it on different levels. It is also rich in powerful and colourful imagery that captures the mind's eye and leads us effortlessly through the story's landscape.

Linda Dilks, UK