Judy Malloy is a storyteller. She began her career telling stories on the stage and spent twenty years in New York City performing on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and touring with plays and musicals across the country. Also a recording artist, her own solo-cd, The Missing Peace, has received critical acclaim. Along with her work as a singer/actress, Judy is a healer and had a successful practice in NYC from 1995-2000. Her life in the Big Apple came to an end in June 2000, when Judy got married and moved to Dorking, Surrey to live with the love of her life, Nicholas Down. In 1998, through a series of remarkable synchronicities, their two lives overlapped, for a mere 72 hours, on the tiny island of Iona, in the Scottish Hebrides, changing both of their destinies forever. Judy believes that listening to one's own story and paying close enough attention to hear the stories of other's, even if they are only whispered, is the greatest privilege we share as people on the journey together. It is this which will make us whole.