Gabriella is a mythical tale about a girl-child, born with a sacred wound and a destiny to fulfil. It is the story of not only her courage, but also the courage of all those who choose to see past her obvious deformity and focus on the immense light that shines within her.

Having been born into a rigid, fearful society, Gabriella's Mother flees from the Land of Never Forgetting to save her daughter's life. Gabriella not only survives, but she continues her journey, far past the seeming limits of her creation, crossing the River of Dreams and ultimately arriving at the base of the Mountain of Remembrance. As she makes her way through its strange and mysterious landscape on her climb to the summit, she must face six enormous challenges, which test her to her limits and ultimately teach her the greatest lessons of her life; lessons of courage, truth, wisdom, love, expression and inner vision.With each new discovery, she miraculously receives the gift of a brilliantly coloured touchstone and, together, these reveal a hidden mystery, which transforms not only Gabriella, but her world.

Allegorical, filled with symbol and hidden meaning, Gabriella is lyrical and expressive, often feeling like a story, which, long-lost, has been rediscovered.