Sacred Trees

"Many primitive people of noble, highly developed civilisations treated trees, flowers and plants with great respect. Often trees were associated with having supernatural powers, being gods, ancestors and associated with different forms of worship, whilst flowers and plants were viewed too as also having medicinal applications and miraculous healing qualities.

The Druids, particularly, believed that trees possessed great mysterious powers especially the rowan and the oak. It is currently believed by some that the power and strength represented symbolically by the tree trunk could be the reason why standing stones were erected to reflect the respect bestowed upon nature.

Since ancient times man has been influenced by trees throughout Europe, whilst we can see such images reflected in Mexican sculpture and carving, and also in Ancient Indian artefacts where sacred trees have played a central role in the belief systems. The Ancient Greeks too are known to have highly respected the power and nobility of trees as paintings and pottery indicate images of reverence and gratification." (Mystical Trees)

Ash: A symbol of healing, especially for transformation and empowerment in terms of destiny. The ash helps to reveal the truth of an individualÕs identity and enables the healing of the sacred wound.

Beech: Linked with ancient wisdom and knowledge. The Beech Queen is known for her generosity of spirit, giving both protection and nourishment.

Birch: "Lady of the Woods" acts as a portal, connecting those who call upon her, to the elemental realms that lie beyond their mortal knowing.

Blackthorn: "The Dark Mother of the Woods" "Keeper of the Dark Secrets" was sacred to the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess. Its snow-white flowers cover its bare branches before leaves appear in Spring, symbolizing the return of life after Winter's dying. It was closely associated with the seers, healers and wise people of the Nature religions.

Elder: Has strong feminine associations and has been used through the ages for healing. Damaged branches of an elder tree self-repair, making it a symbol of re-birth and the circle of life, that which creates a new beginning for the old.

Hazel: Wands made of hazel symbolize white magick and healing. If outside and in need of protection, quickly draw a circle with hazel wood. It is used to gain knowledge, wisdom and poetic inspiration.

Oak: "King of Trees" is held most sacred by the Druids, as a tree of strength, abundance and endurance, dependent on its yearly death for rebirth. In witnessing its seasons, we align ourselves with the great cycle of life and death, without which, there is no hope or renewal.

Pine: "The sweetest of wood." Healing and balancing, especially for the emotions, it allows for the expression of creativity without feelings of guilt and is protective against all negativity.

Rowan: Used for protection from outside forces. It grounds the spirit, keeping it from wandering into unknown realms.

Willow: A tree associated with the feminine, rhythms of the cycle of life and the study of herbs for healing. Highly mystical, it opens the soul to visions, deepens communication and stimulates dream activity.